Are You Ready for “Daddy” Gordon Bombay on OnlyFans? | Game Changers: Episode 5

When Evan’s dad returns, we see him competing for Evan’s attention with the least likely of candidates… Gordon Bombay!

0:00​ Intro (Gordon Bombay is Daddy)

9:45​ Here’s why Gordon Bombay was awesome this week

19:36​ Lauren and Maya’s friendship is TikTok official

29:06​ Easter Eggs from this week’s episode

34:18​ What does it mean to be a Daddy? (Daddy Bombay)

47:39​ Here’s everything wrong with this week’s episode

1:00:48​ Final Thoughts and Apologies to Kenan Thompson

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Untitled Knuckle Puck Time Intro Written by Marc Winski and Andrew Appel Performed by Marc Winski

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