No One Is Watching “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” (And We Know Why)

Let’s be clear: This isn’t about attacking Disney. We want this show to be the Disney+ Cobra Kai! But for some reason it just…isn’t. Let’s talk about why that is, shall we?

0:00 Cold Open
0:15 Intro
0:28 Opening Thoughts On Game Changers
2:56 The Part Where We Talk About Arrested Development
6:01 There are 5s and 5s of us watching Game Changers
9:24 Who were the other people at Bombay’s Law Firm?
12:05 We WANT this show to succeed
17:00 A Tangent About The Avengers
18:11 The Penalty Box – The Part Where We Complain about Episode 8
20:04 “It’s Hard To Care About Hot People” – The heartbreaking part of this show
47:28 Final Thoughts and Goodbyes

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Written by Marc Winski and Andrew Appel
Performed by Marc Winski

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